Work differently

We're assembling the largest, most talented and diverse on-demand workforce globally. You see, we think the world of work can be better...much better—for everyone. So that's the future we're going to build. If you want to work with more flexibility, productivity and love, join us!

Our core values

We challenge the traditional work paradigm every day. We believe the values you live by should be the values you work by.

  • Be your authentic self
  • Speak plainly
  • Feed your curiosity
  • Seek work that inspires you
  • Question everything
  • Be helpful and kind

Why become a maginative consultant?

01. Do work you love...On your schedule
Set your own hours and choose to work with organizations you believe in and on projects that excite and inspire you.
02. Join World Class Teams
Collaborate, learn and grow with top consultants and industry leaders across the globe.
03. Create Impact
Work directly with business stakeholders to solve real world problems and drive impact and social change.

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