Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are just getting started with AI and machine learning, or looking to scale and accelerate adoption, we will help you unlock the power of your data to unleash business potential.

Algorithmic advances in data science, access to large and complex data sets, and an explosion in computing power are driving groundbreaking progress in AI and machine learning. This is triggering tectonic shifts in the value pools of entire industries. What it takes for companies to achieve competitive advantage today is increasingly being determined by those who adopt intelligence-driven solutions and those who do not.

How We Help

Access Top AI Talent

Companies across all sectors are looking to invest in AI, but with fierce competition, they are struggling to acquire and retain quality talent. And while the global AI talent pool is growing, there still remains much more demand for talent than supply. We help our clients close the skills gap by providing them with access to elite teams comprising top data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, machine learning engineers, deep learning engineers and deep learning researchers.

Get Started with AI

maginative AI consulting teams will significantly accelerate your AI journey. We provide executive guidance on identifying the business use case for AI and developing a strategy roadmap across various time horizons. We augment internal teams by streamlining data lake architecture, integrating fit-for-purpose technology solutions, and developing and deploying custom solutions powered by the latest AI techniques and infrastructure.

Use Cases
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance enables just in time replacement of failing critical assets. This helps companies:

  • Improve equipment utilization
  • Reduce downtime and operational costs
  • Realize return on capital investments
  • Improve safety

We make embedding intelligence into new product and services offerings simpler, faster and more useful for businesses. From strategic consulting to development and deployment, we translate the latest AI research into bespoke solutions to enhance customer offerings and create competitive differentiation.

Provide personalized service 24/7 with an AI-powered, customer service virtual agent that can deliver multi-channel support using conversational AI. Get faster, actionable insight into your customers’ needs and take informed actions to resolve their issues quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

Use state-of-the-art AI algorithms that can leverage both content-based and collaborative filtering to provide each customer with highly personalized recommendations to suit their tastes and preferences at every touchpoint.

  • Increase time in product
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase revenue

Get automated, real-time, anomaly detection to proactively optimize business processes, and address both risks and rewards quickly and accurately. This can be applied to:

  • Fraud management (financial, healthcare, insurance)
  • Sales optimization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Medical diagnosis and condition monitoring

Use AI and machine learning to intelligently produce optimized resource allocation schedules while meeting complex operational constraints and requirements. Enable real-time rescheduling to better predict changes in workload demands and adapt to unexpected events. This results in a scale and speed of optimization that will outpace traditional approaches and maximize resource utilization.

From teaching and learning systems, to marketing and communication, customers not only expect unique, personalized experiences, they demand them. What was once a competitive differentiator, is now a strategic imperative. We help businesses delight their customers by offering AI-driven personalization across their product and service offerings.