Design Thinking

Ideate and innovate with confidence by applying human-centered design frameworks and creative tools to transform your organization.

Companies come to maginative to help them solve their most complex problems. They are looking to break away from obvious, conventional solutions to discover original and revolutionary ideas. Design thinking is a highly effective approach to problem solving that we use to help them deliver superior solutions while lowering their risks and costs of change.

How We Work

Collaborative Design Teams

Hire experienced, multi-disciplinary design teams to help you uncover solutions that are desirable, fiscally viable and technologically feasible. Leverage frameworks and tools that are designed to foster collaboration and co-creation, and encourage divergent, idiosyncratic thinking.

Design Thinking at Scale

We help organizations around the globe harness the power of design to create market-leading products and deliver value-based experiences and services. When we apply our scalable methods, they are able to innovate faster, see tangible ROI and achieve sustained competitive advantage.


Conduct a Design Sprint

Before our clients make expensive project commitments, we often conduct a design sprint. This is a 4-day exercise for rapidly prototyping an idea and testing it with real users. It serves to validate assumptions and provides valuable data to inform business decisions.

Design Research

At the start of every design project, we take the time to conduct meaningful research in order to gain insight and differing perspectives about the problem we are taking on, and the human need behind it. This involves observing, engaging and empathizing with people, and inquiring about their experiences and motivations. It's better to ask than assume.

Rapid Prototyping

Whether we are building novel digital products, reimagining services, or crafting rich customer experiences, we prototype everything. Prototyping allows us to better understand the dynamics of a problem, quickly explore ideas and opportunities, engage customers/users and test incremental or radical changes.