6 AI Podcasts Every Business Leader Should be Listening To Right Now

6 AI Podcasts Every Business Leader Should be Listening To Right Now
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If you're a business leader, AI is likely at the forefront of your strategic considerations. To keep you ahead of the game, we've rounded up six podcasts that should be tuned in to. These shows explore everything from ethical considerations to practical applications, and they feature a diverse range of experts sharing insights and discussions on AI's past, present and future.

1. No Priors - Sarah Guo and Elad Gil

‎No Priors: Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Technology | Startups on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2023

Hosted by accomplished investors Sarah Guo and Elad Gil, this show offers an insider's view into the frontier of AI startups and technologies. Their conversations with founders and experts are a raw, unfiltered look at what's next in AI.

2. Ethical Machines - Reid Blackman

‎Ethical Machines on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2023

The philosopher-turned-tech-ethicist discusses AI from a perspective that is often neglected: the ethical implications. Blackman explores the moral quandaries posed by AI's rapid growth, offering listeners a deep, thoughtful exploration of ethical considerations.

3. People of AI - Google

‎People of AI on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2023

The show takes you behind the scenes and offers interviews with AI innovators and practitioners, researchers and avid learners from Google's own expansive team and other industry giants.

4. The AI Podcast - NVIDIA

‎The AI Podcast on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2023

The show really gives you an appreciation of truly how far -reaching AI is. Each episode explores one compelling story, focusing on how individuals are employing AI to instigate real-world change.

5. Tools and Weapons - Brad Smith

‎Tools and Weapons with Brad Smith on Apple Podcasts
‎Technology · 2023

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, delves into the geopolitical implications of AI in his podcast, Tools and Weapons. The show takes a wider view of AI's role in global events and power dynamics, underlining the importance of considering AI as a significant tool and potential weapon in the larger global stage.

6. Unsupervised Learning - Redpoint Ventures

‎Unsupervised Learning on Apple Podcasts
‎Business · 2023

A gateway into the world of AI enterprises and startups. The podcast showcases discussions with the CEOs, founders and leaders of innovative AI companies, exploring their strategies, hurdles, and success stories.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast or a business leader striving to stay on the cutting edge, these six podcasts offer an array of insights into the world of AI. Tune in, and let these shows spark your thinking on leveraging AI to create value and progress.

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