Abridge Announces Partnership with Epic and Emory Healthcare to Bring Generative AI to Providers

Abridge Announces Partnership with Epic and Emory Healthcare to Bring Generative AI to Providers
Image Credit: Abridge

Healthcare AI startup Abridge is expanding the reach of its AI-powered, clinical documentation technology through two major partnerships announced this week.

Firstly, Abridge will be a partner in Epic's new "Partners and Pals" program, which aims to integrate outside technologies into the electronic health record's clinical workflows. This will allow Abridge's AI-powered note taking solution to be embedded directly within Epic, creating potential time savings for providers.

Central to this collaboration are several objectives:

  1. Enhancing Patient-Provider Interaction: By cutting down documentation time, healthcare professionals can give undivided attention to patients. Abridge users currently save an average of two hours daily on documentation. Their integration with Epic is expected to boost these savings, as integrated EHR tools can reduce the time physicians spend on documentation by up to 75% compared to external platforms.
  2. Empowering Patients: Patients will benefit from clearer, more comprehensive notes directly integrated into their records.
  3. Streamlined Adoption: With a quick implementation period of just two weeks, health systems can swiftly transition to AI-based documentation solutions.

Abridge also announced an enterprise-wide deal with Emory Healthcare, a leading academic medical system in Georgia. Over the next three years, Emory aims to make Abridge's Epic-integrated AI solution widely available across its organization.

Emory has over 3,450 clinicians that could potentially use Abridge to reduce documentation burden. The organization's Chief Information and Digital Officer, Dr. Alistair Erskine, said Abridge will "help providers focus on the patient while removing administrative burden."

Just last year, Abridge raised $12.5 million in a Series A funding round. And in March 2023, they announced a significant partnership with The University of Kansas Health System, heralding one of the largest rollouts of generative AI in healthcare.

With Abridge's recent successes, including deployments at The University of Kansas Health System and UPMC, this partnership underscores the rising momentum for AI in healthcare.

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