AI21 Secures Additional $53M to Close $208M Series C

AI21 Secures Additional $53M to Close $208M Series C
[left] Ori Goshen (Founder of CrowdX), Yoav Shoham (Professor Emeritus at Stanford), and our chairman, Prof. Amnon Shashua (Founder, Mobileye) [right]

Tel Aviv-based AI21 Labs has announced that it has completed its oversubscribed Series C funding round, now totaling $208 million. This additional influx of capital, spearheaded by Intel Capital and Comcast Ventures, underscores the growing investor confidence in AI21's vision for enterprise AI solutions.

Founded with a mission to revolutionize enterprise AI, AI21 Labs has now raised a total of $336 million, valuing the company at an impressive $1.4 billion. This latest round saw the participation of new investors such as Intel Capital and Comcast Ventures, alongside continued support from existing investor Ahren Innovation Capital.

While hype surrounding general-purpose AI continues mounting, AI21 is staking out a niche developing specialized models designed to boost productivity through accurate, reliable performance on individual natural language processing tasks.

Anthony Lin, Corporate Vice President and Head of Intel Capital, emphasized the need for a multi-disciplinary approach in AI, praising AI21's comprehensive full-stack offerings. These offerings combine foundational models with applications and operational tools, aiming to boost GenAI adoption in enterprises, potentially impacting productivity and financial outcomes.

Co-CEO and co-Founder of AI21, Ori Goshen, expressed gratitude towards investors for their faith in AI21's technological expertise. This new capital infusion will help with AI21's commitment to a business-first approach to AI, focusing on developing solutions tailored to specific enterprise needs.

AI21 says the new funding will support ongoing enhancements to its combo of large language models, external knowledge sources, and reasoning techniques. Whereas most language models hallucinate answers that seem convincing but lack factual grounding, AI21's neuro-symbolic architecture aims to serve up responses based wholly on an organization's existing data.

Clients like Clarivate and One Zero are already leveraging AI21's Contextual Answers model, which utilizes organizational data to respond to user queries, showcasing AI21's practical application in enterprise environments. By maximizing accuracy and minimizing unneeded functionality that enables hallucinations, such task-specific models provide enterprises targeted value without excessive capabilities that undermine reliability.

This funding milestone not only solidifies AI21's position in the AI landscape but also signals investor confidence in their approach to offer more nuanced, purpose-built AI solutions for the enterprise.

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