Amazon Considering Premium AI-Powered Alexa for $5 to $10 per Month

Amazon Considering Premium AI-Powered Alexa for $5 to $10 per Month

Amazon is reportedly considering a major overhaul of its Alexa service, potentially introducing a monthly fee for access to an advanced, AI-powered version. This move, if confirmed, could represent a significant shift in how consumers interact with one of the most recognizable voice assistants on the market.

Amazon first previewed an early version of the new Alexa in September 2023. Back then, the company set expectations for an "early 2024" release, but has so far failed to ship anything or provide updates.

According to exclusive reporting by Reuters, the e-commerce giant is considering a monthly fee of $5 to $10 for access the AI-enhanced version of Alexa. The planned revamp codenamed "Project Banyan," includes the introduction of two service tiers. The current free version, “Classic Alexa,” will remain available, but a premium tier powered by advanced AI capabilities will be offered for a monthly fee. This is not expected to be bundled with the $139 annual Prime membership.

Despite its popularity, Alexa has struggled to turn a profit. The service has largely been used for simple tasks like setting timers, checking the weather, and playing music. Amazon’s efforts to boost e-commerce sales through Alexa have fallen short, leading to significant job cuts in the division last year.

The new AI-powered Alexa, dubbed "Remarkable Alexa" by insiders, is expected to offer more human-like conversations and advanced capabilities. Sources familiar with the project indicate that the premium version could handle complex tasks such as composing emails, ordering meals, and executing multi-step commands—all from a single prompt.

The success of OpenAI's ChatGPT, has intensified the race to develop more sophisticated AI assistants. And competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are making significant strides in generative AI.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has reportedly taken a personal interest in reinvigorating Alexa, setting an ambitious internal deadline of August for the project's completion. This urgency underscores the strategic importance of Alexa to Amazon's broader ecosystem, which includes its e-commerce platform and smart home devices.

However, Amazon faces an uphill battle, with some employees expressing doubts about customers' willingness to pay for a service that is currently free. Additionally, the company has faced technical challenges and low morale within the division.

With internal sources citing 2024 as a "must-win" year, the pressure is on for Amazon to indeed deliver a 'remarkable' experience that justifies the cost. But the big question is whether consumers will be willing to pay for a service that has traditionally been free. The added functionalities may appeal to tech enthusiasts and heavy users of smart home devices, but convincing the broader market could be challenging.

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