Amazon Maestro Will Let Listeners Make Playlists With AI

Amazon Maestro Will Let Listeners Make Playlists With AI

Amazon Music has launched Maestro, an AI-powered playlist generator, to a subset of U.S. customers on iOS and Android. This new feature aims to make creating personalized playlists easier and more engaging for users across all Amazon Music tiers.

With Maestro, users can generate unique playlists by entering a prompt, which can include text, emojis, emotions, activities, or sounds. For example, a prompt like "😭 and eating 🍝" could generate a playlist of songs that match the mood of heartbreak and comfort food. Amazon Music also provides suggested prompts to inspire users, such as "Music my grandparents made out to" or "I tracked my friends and they're all hanging out without me."

The AI technology behind Maestro generates a playlist within seconds based on the user's prompt. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can instantly listen to and save their playlists, while Prime members and ad-supported customers can listen to 30-second previews before saving.

As with any new AI technology, Amazon acknowledges that Maestro may not always get it right the first time. The company has implemented systems to block offensive language and inappropriate prompts, and they will continue to refine the feature based on user feedback.

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By typing in prompts that combine genres, moods, artists, and decades, users can craft highly personalized playlists that cater to their specific tastes and preferences.

This move by Amazon Music follows a similar introduction by Spotify, which recently rolled out its AI Playlist feature to Premium users in the United Kingdom and Australia. As AI continues to shape the music streaming landscape, these personalized playlist generators could become a key differentiator for services looking to enhance user engagement and experience.

To access Maestro, users need to download the latest version of the Amazon Music mobile app. Beta participants will see the Maestro option on their home screen or when creating a new playlist. Users can then input their prompt by typing or speaking, and the playlist will be generated for streaming, saving, and sharing.

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