Amazon Rolls Out AI-Powered Search for Fire TV

Amazon Rolls Out AI-Powered Search for Fire TV

Amazon is rolling out its new AI-powered search feature for Fire TV that enables Alexa to understand and respond to open-ended questions, making it easier for users to find content that matches their preferences. The feature, which was first announced at Amazon's annual devices event last September, is supposed to make discovering new shows and movies easier.

With the new search functionality, users can just ask Alexa to find content using natural language. Whether you can't quite remember the name of a show or you're not sure what you're in the mood to watch, you can now ask Alexa questions like "What's that show about money laundering set in the mountains?" or "Show me British crime dramas with female leads." Alexa will then provide recommendations based on your query.

According to Nielsen's 2023 State of Play report, the average streaming customer spends more than 10 minutes searching for options each time they access their streaming services (I am definitely way above that). Now users will be able to just tap the Alexa button on their Fire TV remote and ask for whatever type of content they want.

When providing recommendations, Alexa will prioritize content that is available through the user's Prime Video or other streaming service libraries, making it easier to find something to watch without the need to purchase additional content.

The rollout of the AI-powered search feature has already begun for Fire TV users in the U.S. who have devices running FOS6 or later. Amazon expects the feature to be available on all eligible Fire TV devices in the U.S. within the coming weeks.

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