Amazon Unveils Palm-Based Identity Service for Enterprise Access Control

Amazon Unveils Palm-Based Identity Service for Enterprise Access Control
Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon recently announced Amazon One Enterprise, a new biometric identity service that enables organizations to use palm recognition for secure and convenient access to physical locations and digital assets.

The new fully-managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides highly accurate palm-based authentication to improve security while eliminating the overhead of managing badges, fobs, and passwords.

Amazon One Enterprise uses multi-layered security controls, combining palm images with vein recognition for accuracy exceeding 99.9999% - more accurate than iris scanning.

The new service’s palm-recognition technology uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a palm signature that is associated with identification credentials like a badge, employee ID, or PIN.

Users hover their palm over a sensor to create a unique palm signature that gets encrypted and stored in the AWS cloud. This signature cannot be reverse-engineered for impersonation.

The service integrates with common physical access systems like doors, gates, and turnstiles. It also enables passwordless access to restricted software resources. Administrators manage user enrollment, authenticate activity logs, and device updates through a centralized AWS console.

Amazon One Enterprise offers convenience, security, and operational efficiency. Users gain fast biometric access without carrying badges or remembering passwords. Organizations reduce credential management overhead and gain centralized visibility into access control.

The service is designed to protect privacy. Palm data gets immediately encrypted and stored securely in dedicated AWS accounts. Users can also delete their palm signatures when they leave an organization.

Early adopters span industries like hospitality, banking, cloud infrastructure, and building access solutions. Customers include IHG Hotels & Resorts, Paznic, AWS Data Centers, and KONE Elevators. These organizations highlight benefits like strengthened security, streamlined workforce access, and modernized customer experiences.

Amazon One Enterprise is now available in the U.S. as a preview launch. With biometric identity on the rise for both consumers and enterprises, it seems poised to deliver authentication advancements across physical and digital domains.

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