Anthropic Introduces Claude Team Plan for Businesses

Anthropic Introduces Claude Team Plan for Businesses

Anthropic has announced a new subscription tier for its Claude AI platform that is specifically designed to cater to enterprise needs. The new "Team" plan is priced at $30 per user per month and requires a minimum of five users.

The Team plan offers several key features that make it attractive to professional users:

  • Increased usage: Provides greater usage per user compared to our Pro plan, enabling every teammate to significantly increase the number of chats they can have with Claude.
  • Access to the Claude 3 model family: Offers the full Claude 3 model family—including Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku—providing teams and business users a suite of cutting-edge AI models tailored for different use cases. Choose the best-suited model for your specific business needs.
  • 200K context window: Enables businesses to process long documents (e.g., research papers, legal contracts), discuss complex topics (e.g., financial forecasting, product roadmapping), and maintain multi-step conversations (e.g., customer support inquiries, project planning discussions), helping individuals and teams gain deeper insights from their data.
  • Admin tools and billing management: Introduces administrative tools to conveniently control user and billing management for easier onboarding and less overhead.
  • Everything in Pro: Includes all Claude Pro features including priority access during high-traffic periods, early access to new features, greater usage rates, and more.

In the coming weeks, Anthropic says it plans to release additional collaboration features for the Team plan, such as citations from reliable sources to verify AI-generated claims, integrations with data repositories like CRM and codebases, and the ability to collaborate with colleagues on AI-generated documents or projects.

Alongside the Team plan, Anthropic has also released an iOS app for its Claude AI chatbot. The mobile app offers the same intuitive experience as the web version, with features like syncing chat history and support for taking and uploading photos. The Claude iOS app is available for free to users across all plans, including Pro and Team.

Anthropic’s Claude AI Chatbot Now Available on Your iPhone
With this launch, Anthropic is bringing the power of Claude to users’ pockets, providing on-the-go access to its sophisticated AI capabilities.

With the introduction of the Team plan and the iPhone app, Anthropic is making a strong case for Claude as a versatile and powerful tool for businesses and teams. The combination of enhanced AI capabilities, administrative features, and mobile access positions Claude as a serious contender in the enterprise AI market, offering a compelling alternative to existing solutions.

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