Anthropic Launches Projects for Claude, Now Your Team Can Collaborate Together With AI

Anthropic Launches Projects for Claude, Now Your Team Can Collaborate Together With AI

Anthropic just unveiled Projects, a powerful new feature for its Claude AI platform. Available to Pro and Team users, Projects aims to supercharge how teams work with AI by creating a central hub for knowledge and shared insights.

The standout feature? A massive 200,000-token context window. That's about 500 pages worth of text you can feed into Claude, including documents, code, and data. This huge boost in context helps Claude give more precise, relevant help across all kinds of tasks.

"We want Claude to work alongside people and truly enhance their workflows," Anthropic stated in their announcement. Projects tackles a common AI hurdle - the "cold start" problem - head-on.

Now you can ground Claude's knowledge in your company's specific info, from style guides to codebases. This means getting expert-level help that actually fits your organization's needs.

Custom instructions take this even further. Each Project can basically have its own set of guidelines, shaping how Claude responds. Need Claude to write in a specific tone? Want answers from a particular industry perspective? Just set it up in your instructions. This feature lets you mold Claude's behavior to match your exact needs, whether you're drafting marketing emails or diving into data analysis.

The update also brings "Artifacts" into play. This feature adds a dedicated space next to your chat for things Claude creates - code snippets, documents, graphics, or website designs. Developers will especially appreciate the larger code windows and live previews for faster reviews.

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For Claude Team users, you can now share Claude conversations in a team activity feed. Anthropic shared a case study on how North Highland, a prominent consulting firm, is already seeing big wins with Claude's Team plan. Luka Anic, a senior director there, says teams are finishing content and analysis work up to five times faster than before.

"Claude is future-proofing our workforce," Anic said. "We're tackling daily challenges with more excitement and diving into AI-assisted collaboration."

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