Anthropic Unveils Claude 2 and New Chat Experience

Anthropic Unveils Claude 2 and New Chat Experience
Image Credit: Anthropic

Anthropic, a leading AI startup, today announced the launch of Claude 2, the latest version of its conversational AI assistant. Claude 2 boasts significant improvements in capabilities, output length, and safety compared to previous versions.

The release comes on the heels of increased public concern over the potential harms of large language models like ChatGPT. Anthropic claims its constitutional AI approach mitigates risks while preserving performance.

Anthropic has also launched a public beta of its Claude chatbot interface at For now, it's available in the US and UK only. Users have plenty to love about the new Claude 2 conversational AI assistant.

First and foremost, it is incredibly fast. Thanks to improvements under the hood, conversations feel snappy and responsive. The web interface is also gorgeous and easy to use. Anthropic has created one of the slickest chat experiences in AI today.

Another great feature is the ability to directly upload files when chatting with Claude 2. This allows the AI to pull context from lengthy documents like technical manuals or even books. The expanded 100,000 token context window enables Claude 2 to have detailed discussions about complex topics.

Claude 2's coding abilities are impressive and the company is teasing even more exciting features coming soon. According to Anthropic, Claude 2 scored 71.2% on the Codex HumanEval for assessing Python coding skills, up 15 percentage points from Claude 1.3. It also improved to 88% accuracy on grade school math problems.

Early users and partners are raving about Claude 2's impressive performance improvements across the board. It's easy to see why Anthropic is receiving such positive feedback. This is a thoughtfully designed product that pushes the boundaries of conversational AI while keeping helpfulness and harmless at the core.

Of course, Claude 2 is not perfect. No AI system today is immune from potential misuse. But Anthropic's emphasis on safety and ethics demonstrates their commitment to responsible development.

The company says Claude 2 is "2x better" at giving harmless responses to potentially dangerous prompts, thanks to techniques like AI self-correction and extensive red team testing.

"We've been iterating to improve both the performance and safety of our models, so that Claude is more useful while also harder to prompt into producing harmful output," said Dario Amodei, Anthropic's CEO.

You can visit to access the new chat interface. Businesses can access Claude 2's API at the same pricing as Claude 1.3.

We are very impressed with Claude 2's new conversational application. The sheer speed, versatility, and polish make chatting with this assistant a joy. As generative AI continues to advance rapidly, providers like Anthropic aim to balance safety, ethics, and performance. Only time will tell if techniques like constitutional AI can deliver on that promise. However, if Claude 2 is an indication, they are definitely on the right track.

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