Baidu Unveils ERNIE Bot Updates and Major AI Advancements at Wave Summit 2023

Baidu Unveils ERNIE Bot Updates and Major AI Advancements at Wave Summit 2023
Baidu Corporate Vice President Tian Wu announces five plugins for ERNIE Bot, Baidu’s knowledge-enhanced large language model, at Wave Summit 2023.

Baidu, the leading Chinese technology company, unveiled significant progress in AI solutions across several key initiatives during its Wave Summit developer conference held yesterday in Beijing.

Demo of ERNIE Bot's new capabilities

Headlining Baidu's announcements was the expansion of its large language model, ERNIE Bot. Through increased training on massive datasets, ERNIE Bot has achieved major improvements in core AI abilities like understanding, reasoning, and knowledge scope. It has gained high-level proficiency in over 200 genres of writing and has broadened its functionalities through 5 native plugins for search, document processing, data visualization, visual interaction, and text-to-video generation.

  • Baidu Search: Offers seamless integration with Baidu Search, delivering timely and precise results.
  • ChatFile: Facilitates conversational interactions based on long documents.
  • Data Analytics & Visualization: Automatically crafts insightful data charts and visualizations such as word clouds.
  • Visual Interaction: Supports dialogues that incorporate image content and context.
  • Text-to-Video: Transforms text descriptions into engaging videos.
Text-to-Video demo

This enhancement comes just months after ERNIE Bot's initial launch, during which it has seen a 3x increase in its training throughput and boosted inference throughput by a staggering 30-fold.

Baidu CTO Haifeng Wang said ERNIE Bot’s advances bring us closer to artificial general intelligence that can understand and interact with the world like humans

Baidu's AI Studio (Xinghe Community) has emerged as China's largest AI community with over 6 million development projects. With a growing interest in Foundational Models (FM), the company has announced the launch of the AI Studio FM Community to foster a seamless development experience. This is supported by the new AI Studio Co-Creation Plan to foster AI applications in collaboration with developers.

In addition to the upgraded ERNIE Bot, Baidu announced version 2.5 of PaddlePaddle, their open-source deep learning framework which enabled many of ERNIE Bot’s leaps in performance. It has gained a new architecture with improved differential functions and general performance optimizations. PaddlePaddle brings adaptive hybrid parallel training technologies and optimizations across model compression, inference, and deployment.

Baidu also unveiled new AI tools for scientific research applications, including PaddleScience v1.0, which leverages PaddlePaddle to enable AI-powered scientific computing. Additionally, PaddleHelix, Baidu's toolkit for bioinformatics, introduced HelixDock, a model designed to predict how proteins will bind to chemical compounds based on their structural conformations.

Following Microsoft's approach with it's "co-pilot" family of AI assistants, Baidu also announced the InfoFlow "Super Assistant", an AI-native enterprise application. InfoFlow uses AI to automate tasks like document handling, analytics, and communications.

Baidu InfoFlow "Super Assistant"

The company also announced Baidu Comate, the first commercial full-scenario AI coding assistant developed in China. Baidu Comate can generate code, comments, tests, and documentation across 30 programming languages and in over 10 IDEs.

Baidu Comate

“Our announcements reflect AI’s transformative impact on technology and business,” said Baidu CTO Tian Wu. “By empowering developers and businesses with state-of-the-art AI, Baidu is driving innovation and productivity worldwide.”

Baidu's announcements at the 2023 Wave Summit highlight the company's leadership in pioneering AI advancements in China, from foundational research to practical business applications. As China rapidly catches up to the West in AI capabilities, Baidu aims to solidify its pole position in driving domestic innovation and commercialization of artificial intelligence.

The summit reveals Baidu's strategy of empowering Chinese developers and enterprises with cutting-edge AI like ERNIE Bot to gain a competitive advantage. With AI adoption accelerating globally, Baidu seeks to capitalize on its head start in progressing AI technology made in China, for China. As one of the nation's premier technology leaders, Baidu's advancements foreshadow China's aspirations to lead in the future AI economy through homegrown innovation.

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