Bing Image Creator: Microsoft's New Tool for AI-Generated Visual Content

Powered by an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E model, Bing Image Creator allows users to create images with just a few descriptive words.

Bing Image Creator: Microsoft's New Tool for AI-Generated Visual Content
Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft has announced Bing Image Creator, an exciting addition to the AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge platforms. This latest AI-powered feature allows users to generate custom images using simple text descriptions, taking visual search and creation to new heights.

Images have long been a central component of user engagement on Bing, as one of the most frequently searched categories. In the past, users were limited to searching for pre-existing images on the web. However, Bing Image Creatorbreaks through these barriers, providing users with the ability to create unique images using only a few descriptive words.

Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Bing Image Creator is also seamlessly integrated into the Bing chat experience, initially available in the platform's Creative mode. Users can type in a description of their desired image, along with any additional context like location or activity, and select an art style. The tool then generates the image, making it simple for users to produce visuals for a variety of purposes, from newsletters to home design ideas.

Microsoft Edge is also joining the party, becoming the first and only browser to feature an integrated AI-powered image generator. Edge users can access Bing Image Creator by clicking the icon in the sidebar or by invoking it through Bing chat within the browser.

As a pioneer in responsible AI development, Microsoft is partnering with OpenAI to ensure the ethical use of Bing Image Creator. The company has implemented controls to prevent the generation of harmful or unsafe images. If the system detects a potentially dangerous prompt, it blocks the request and alerts the user. Additionally, a modified Bing icon is displayed in the bottom left corner of each generated image to indicate its AI-generated origin.

Microsoft plans to roll out Bing Image Creator gradually, starting with the Creative mode of Bing chat. The company intends to make the feature available in Balanced and Precise modes over time, while continuing to work on optimizing the tool for multi-turn chats. Emphasizing transparency and user feedback, Microsoft aims to test and refine this technology responsibly and openly.

In addition to Bing Image Creator, Microsoft is introducing AI-powered visual Stories and updated Knowledge Cards 2.0 for all Bing users. These enhancements provide more engaging and dynamic ways to search and interact with content. Through these updates and the ongoing development of Bing Image Creator, Microsoft strives to deliver increasingly immersive experiences that make web browsing more enjoyable, informative, and engaging.

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