CapCut Targets Businesses with AI-Powered Video Creation Tools

CapCut Targets Businesses with AI-Powered Video Creation Tools
Image Credit: CapCut

ByteDance-owned video editing app CapCut is expanding beyond consumers to serve business users with the launch of CapCut for Business. The new offering provides companies with enterprise-grade creative solutions to produce high-quality video ads and branded content.

CapCut is leaning heavily on AI to simplify and streamline the ad and content creation process. Key AI capabilities include:

Ad Script - For businesses struggling to pen down engaging ad scripts, CapCut offers a solution. Ad Script, the AI-driven feature, requires users to merely describe their product or service. What follows is an instantaneous generation of various script versions, granting advertisers the flexibility to tweak and tailor to their branding voice. This feature promises efficiency and creativity in scripting, breaking down one of the most challenging barriers in content production.

AI Characters - The rise of digital communication emphasizes the need for human connection, even if virtual. CapCut's AI Characters are AI-generated presenters adept at product demos and explainer videos. These characters strive to resonate with viewers, ensuring content is not just seen but felt. Their ability to breathe life into creative ideas amplifies the emotional quotient of the content, fostering deeper audience engagement.

Smart Ads - By utilizing the Product URL to Ads feature, businesses can effortlessly create captivating video ads within minutes. This streamlined approach propels brands into the fast lane, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in market responsiveness.

Virtual Try-Ons - Leverages AI models to allow customers to digitally try on clothing and generate product photos. Helpful for fashion e-commerce brands.

The goal is removing friction for marketers and creators so they can develop compelling, high-quality video content regardless of their video production expertise or budget.

CapCut for Business also provides over thousands of commercially licensed templates, business-centric editing tools, and collaboration features for easier teamwork. This allows businesses to maintain brand consistency and expedite workflows.

The launch highlights the push for more AI automation in creative workflows. As TikTok and short-form video explode, brands require scalable solutions to feed content across platforms. CapCut’s tools point to a future where AI assists — or perhaps one day even leads — parts of the creative process.

For now, CapCut for Business offers an easy onboarding point for brands new to leveraging AI in their video marketing strategies. With its existing consumer user base over 200 million worldwide, CapCut is well positioned to introduce smart creative tools to businesses eager to capitalize on short-form video trends.

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