ChatGPT Can Browse the Internet Again

ChatGPT Can Browse the Internet Again
Image Credit: Maginative

ChatGPT has regained its ability to browse the internet and provide users with up-to-date information - and this time, it's even smarter.

OpenAI initially launched internet browsing for ChatGPT in May. Powered by Bing, the feature allowed ChatGPT to scan the web for current data to enhance its knowledge and provide users with timely facts and figures when answering questions. However, concerns emerged around ChatGPT potentially displaying paywalled content. As a result, OpenAI disabled browsing in July.

Now, after months of improvements, browsing is back with crucial safeguards in place. ChatGPT will respect robots.txt files, which provide instructions for internet bots on what they can and cannot access on websites. The system will also identify itself via its user agent string, allowing sites to choose what information ChatGPT can view.

These changes enable ChatGPT to gather current information from the web, while also giving websites control over how this powerful AI tool interacts with their content.

According to OpenAI, browsing unlocks new use cases for ChatGPT, especially those requiring up-to-date data. For instance, ChatGPT can now assist with technical research, product comparisons, travel planning, and other information-based tasks.

The improved browsing experience is now available for Plus and Enterprise tier users.

To activate browsing, users must select "Browse with Bing" under the GPT-4 dropdown. This integration with Microsoft's Bing search engine allows ChatGPT to intelligently comb the web for relevant sites and content.

With access to the wealth of current information on the internet, ChatGPT's knowledge and conversational abilities will continue advancing by leaps and bounds.

Chris McKay is the founder and chief editor of Maginative. His thought leadership in AI literacy and strategic AI adoption has been recognized by top academic institutions, media, and global brands.

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