China Begins Testing "Hunyuan" AI Model Internally

China Begins Testing "Hunyuan" AI Model Internally
Image Credit: Reuters

Chinese tech giant Tencent has begun internal testing of its self-developed AI model named "Hunyuan", integrating it into products like Tencent Cloud, Tencent Meeting, and Tencent Docs.

According to a statement from Tencent, Hunyuan was built entirely from scratch in-house and is now being tested across different business units including gaming, advertising, browsers, search, and fintech.

Tencent claims initial positive effects from implementing Hunyuan, reflecting its growing focus on AI as a strategic priority. The testing comes as China finalizes regulations governing the use of generative AI, potentially clearing the way for widespread deployment of models like Hunyuan across Tencent's products and services.

China’s Tencent says it is expanding testing of ‘Hunyuan’ AI model
China’s Tencent Holdings said on Thursday that it has started internal testing of its self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) model, which is now being integrated with a number of internal services and products.

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