Cohere Launches Startup Program to Drive Early-Stage AI Adoption

Cohere Launches Startup Program to Drive Early-Stage AI Adoption

Cohere has announced the launch of the 'Cohere Startup Program' to support early-stage companies in leveraging AI to address real-world business challenges. The program aims to help these startups gain a competitive edge and scale their businesses by providing discounted access to Cohere's enterprise-grade AI models, technical support, and valuable marketing exposure.

For early-stage startups with limited resources, incorporating AI into their technology stack can be a game-changer. By automating rote tasks, AI allows teams to focus on high-value activities that drive business growth. However, deploying emerging technologies can be challenging, especially for small teams. Cohere's startup program aims to bridge this gap by offering a comprehensive support system for startups adopting and building with AI.

Qualified early-stage startups (those with Series B funding or below) can access Cohere's industry-leading AI models at a 25% discount for an entire year. This allows companies to securely kickstart their AI capabilities and integrate them across departments, teams, and products at an affordable cost. Startups can build retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) enabled AI assistants, enhance search capabilities, power content moderation systems, and develop other practical applications to unlock the benefits of AI for their businesses.

As startups join the program, Cohere will showcase their success stories and the impact of AI on their businesses. Participants will have their company logos and business use cases featured on Cohere's website, offering exposure to a global audience of potential investors, customers, and industry leaders. The program also offers additional visibility through joint webinars and co-marketing opportunities, spotlighting the incredible work each company is doing with the help of Cohere's AI technology.

Cohere’s startup program is a fantastic opportunity for early-stage companies to leverage AI and scale their operations. If you’re in that camp, it's definitely a program you should be considering.

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