Covision Lab's AI-Powered 3D Scanning: Precision, Efficiency, and the Future of E-Commerce Content

Covision Lab's AI-Powered 3D Scanning: Precision, Efficiency, and the Future of E-Commerce Content
Image Credit: Covision Lab

Italian startup  Covision Lab is pioneering the use of AI and NVIDIA technology to revolutionize 3D scanning for brands like Adidas. Their AI-powered scanners create photorealistic digital twins of physical products in minutes, unlocking new efficiencies in e-commerce.

Traditional photogrammetry scanning can take hours or days and lacks detail. Covision's solution taps into the power of neural radiance fields (NeRFs) and NVIDIA RTX GPUs to scan products like shoes with far greater speed, quality and realism. This allows the instant creation of 2D "photos" or vivid 3D models that can be relit and rendered from any angle.

For Adidas, this is transforming product photography and their online customer experience. With thousands of products scanned annually, they have switched from costly photoshoots to automated CGI rendering of Covision's 3D assets. These digital twins also breathe life into immersive experiences like virtual try-on that let shoppers visualize products realistically before buying.

"Without NVIDIA RTX GPUs, it would simply not be possible to achieve the level of accuracy and performance that we need," said Covision's tech lead, Dr. Burkhard Güssefeld. "NVIDIA’s hardware and software capabilities are indispensable in pushing the boundaries of our technology."

Partners like NUREG and The Kow Company help Adidas harness Covision's 3D scans at scale. Together, they have built an efficient global pipeline from scanning to final 2D and 3D deliverables. The speed and realism of assets continues to improve through Covision's integration of Instant-NGP and other NVIDIA innovations.

Covision is planning to further expand their technology's capabilities by integrating more of NVIDIA's products and research projects. Their agenda includes the deployment of custom NeRF implementations, which will make use of NVIDIA's Instant-NGP APIs. Franz Tschimben, CEO of Covision Lab, sees the technology as a valuable asset for creating 3D content for spatial computing devices and mixed reality headsets, like Apple's Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest.

For brands seeking to digitally transform their e-commerce content, AI-powered 3D scanning provides a compelling vision of the future. Covision Lab's technology and collaboration with partners like NVIDIA brings this future closer for enterprises around the world. With applications ranging from e-commerce to augmented reality, the company’s products are likely to become increasingly invaluable assets to a variety of industries.

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