ElevenLabs Courts Creators with Impressive New AI Voice Offerings

ElevenLabs Courts Creators with Impressive New AI Voice Offerings
Image credit: Maginative

New York-based AI startup ElevenLabs has announced the release of an expanded range of high-quality voices for its generative AI platform. The new range of voices caters to a wide array of creative needs and is expected to be a game-changer for industries such as video gaming, podcasting, and audiobook production. The upgrade expands the company's delivery styles from serene and gentle tones to profound and intense inflections, enabling creators to bring their characters and narratives to life in even more compelling ways.

Alongside this, ElevenLabs has introduced a variety of accents to its platform. Users can now select from a broader range of American and British dialects and, for the first time, Irish, Swedish, and Italian accents. This wider selection allows for the creation of more culturally diverse and authentic voice profiles. The overall audio quality has also seen notable improvements, promising rich and crisp voice outputs.

These voices, a product of professional voice cloning capabilities, were developed in collaboration with industry professionals, demonstrating the power of combining artificial intelligence with human expertise. The collaboration also heralds ElevenLab's upcoming Professional Voice Cloning model, which the new voices were trained on.

The new voices are actually licensed and not owned by ElevenLabs. The arrangement provides voice actors with a degree of freedom, allowing them to terminate their partnerships after a 1-year period. The company is also exploring alternative collaboration models and pricing mechanisms. It aims to better reward voice actors for their contributions to shaping the platform.

With its latest voice expansion, ElevenLabs hopes to empower more creative experimentation. The release promises to enrich generative audio projects spanning gaming, audiobooks, cartoons and more.

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