ElevenLabs Launches AI Sound Effects Generator

ElevenLabs Launches AI Sound Effects Generator

ElevenLabs has launched a new feature that allows users to generate sound effects simply by typing in what they're looking for. The company is targeting content creators—film and television studios, video game developers, and social media creators who want to generate immersive soundscapes quickly and affordably.

Whether you need the sound of cars racing, horses galloping, or coins jingling, ElevenLabs' AI model can create it for you in seconds. With just a few clicks, users can create a wide variety of high-quality sound effects tailored to their specific needs.

To create the new sound effects feature, ElevenLabs partnered with Shutterstock to fine-tune their model on their massive audio library of licensed tracks.

Mati Staniszewski, CEO and co-founder of ElevenLabs, stated, "With the launch of text-to-sound effects, we're marking another major step forward, one that will equip creators with more audio tools to help them produce high-quality content."

Aimee Egan, Chief Enterprise Officer at Shutterstock, expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying, "The combined power of our rich and immersive library of tracks and this cutting-edge audio technology has enabled the creation of a true market first."

Sound Effects is now live on the ElevenLabs platform.

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