ElevenLabs Launches AI Voice Isolator to Clean Up Messy Background Noise

ElevenLabs Launches AI Voice Isolator to Clean Up Messy Background Noise

If you've ever struggled to hear a podcast guest over the hum of an air conditioner or wished you could magically erase traffic noise from your outdoor interview, ElevenLabs has a solution. The audio AI company just launched Voice Isolator, a free web app that promises to extract clean, clear dialogue from any audio source.

Like with their other tools, ElevenLabs is using AI to transform how content creators approach audio production on its platform. The idea is that podcasters, filmmakers, and journalists working with less-than-ideal recordings can clean up their audio with a few clicks.


Background noise removal with AI is not new. In fact, several companies already offer similar functionality. Adobe's "Enhance speech" feature, available across products like Premiere and Adobe Podcast, has been a go-to for many creators. CapCut's noise reduction tool not only cleans audio but also offers additional customization options. Descript, another major player, has built its reputation on providing an all-in-one platform for podcast creation and editing, including noise reduction capabilities.

By adding voice isolation capabiltities to its platform, ElevenLabs is reducing the need for users to rely on third-party solutions. This integrated approach could streamline workflows for content creators already using ElevenLabs' other voice AI products.

The real differentiator in my view, is the company's plan to release an API for Voice Isolator in the coming weeks. This will allow developers to incorporate the technology directly into their own applications and services and could give ElevenLabs an edge in reaching a wider range of users through third-party integrations.

Note that Voice Isolator was designed primarily for spoken content, focusing on dialogue and interviews rather than music production. So while this narrows its use case compared to more comprehensive tools, it might hit a sweet spot for podcasters and journalists looking for a specialized solution.

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