ElevenLabs Launches Voice Actor Payouts and Multilingual Speech to Enrich Voice AI Offerings

ElevenLabs Launches Voice Actor Payouts and Multilingual Speech to Enrich Voice AI Offerings

ElevenLabs this week announced two significant updates to its Voice AI Library platform: the introduction of Voice Actor Payouts, a monetization feature for voice actors, and the expansion of its Speech to Speech capabilities to include 29 languages. These enhancements aim to enrich the user experience and provide new opportunities for voice actors, while also making voice AI technology more accessible and versatile for a global audience.

Voice Actor Payouts is a new feature designed to financially reward voice actors who contribute their unique voices to the Voice Library. By allowing users to share their own verified voice clones created using Professional Voice Cloning (PVC), ElevenLabs is offering a platform where voice talents can earn when their voices are utilized by others. This initiative reflects ElevenLabs’ commitment to acknowledging the valuable contributions of voice actors to the platform's diversity and richness.

To ensure the security and authenticity of the voices shared, the feature is exclusive to voice clones generated through PVC. Contributors are required to undergo a Voice Captcha verification process to confirm the authenticity of their voice samples before sharing. This safeguard, along with manual moderation, ensures that only genuine, user-verified voices are available for monetization. Contributors can then share their voice clones directly or make them discoverable in the Voice Library, with options to earn in US dollars or ElevenLabs credits​​.

In addition to monetizing voice contributions, ElevenLabs has expanded its Speech to Speech functionality to support 29 languages. This enhancement builds on the feature's ability to transform one's voice into another character, offering more control over emotional expression, timing, and delivery. With this multilingual capability, users can now effortlessly communicate or create content across a wider range of languages, enhancing the global usability of ElevenLabs' voice AI technology. This update opens new doors for creativity and communication, making it easier for users to reach a broader audience without language constraints​​.

By incentivizing high-quality voice contributions, Voice Actor Payouts is likely to enrich the Voice Library's diversity and quality. Concurrently, the expansion of Speech to Speech into 29 languages addresses the growing need for versatile, multilingual voice AI tools, enabling more dynamic and inclusive voice-driven interactions.

For voice actors, this represents a novel avenue to gain recognition and compensation for their contributions. For global users, it means more diverse, authentic, and accessible voice options for various applications, from content creation to communication across language barriers. Together, these updates will help ElevenLabs to advance its voice AI technology in a way that benefits both creators and consumers, fostering a more connected and expressive digital world.

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