Explore Google's Latest Arts & AI Activities for Kids and Families

Explore Google's Latest Arts & AI Activities for Kids and Families
Image Credit: Google

Google Arts & Culture Lab is taking the intersection of technology and culture to fun new heights with their most recent, AI-powered experiences designed to engage and educate culture lovers of all ages. Stemming from the work of the Lab's artists in residence, these projects demonstrate the creative potential of combining emerging technologies with artistic expression.

Since its founding in 2014, the Google Arts & Culture Lab artist residency program has sought to foster collaboration between artists, creative coders, and cutting-edge technologies. By focusing on addressing cultural challenges and connecting audiences to culture online in novel ways, the program has successfully produced a myriad of immersive experiences.

The latest additions to this growing portfolio are the result of applying Google AI Image Generation Research to craft unique experiences centered around cultural discovery and learning through play. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms and image synthesis techniques, these new projects offer interactive and engaging ways to explore art and culture.

Here are the four latest experiment. We encourage you to give them a try:


By Gael Hugo, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

XYZ Toy is a word guessing game and the clue is in the typography. Each tile contains a letter in a font generated by Google AI which reveals visual clues on the winning word. Zoom in to each letter to see the details of the typography and make your guesses by tapping into the empty tiles. You have five chances before the game is over. XYZ Toy has been inspired by Google AI image generation research.

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Odd One Out

By Caroline Buttet and Emmanuel Durgoni, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

One of these images is not like the other–it is created by Google Al. Pick out these “imposters” hidden among artworks & artifacts on Google Arts & Culture.

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By Nicolas Barradeau, Artist in Residence at Google Arts & Culture Lab

Generative AI has turned the world into colorful dough! How many cultural monuments can you uncover? To reveal the cultural landmarks hidden within the layers of generated plasticine you need to choose the correct letters that make up the monument’s name.

Each correct guess will remove a layer of dough, slowly revealing the plasticine styled monument. You have seven chances to correctly guess the monument. There are around 50 monuments to uncover.

This experiment uses Google AI to create plasticine style monuments. A depth and salience model is used to create the 3D effect on the display of monuments.

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Haiku Imagined

By Lynn Cherny, Christine Sugrue, Artists in Residence at Google Arts & Culture

Take a pause: experience traditional and modern haiku lovingly illustrated and animated with AI generated music, fonts, and video. Great poems are timeless. We wanted to illustrate these classic and modern haiku poems with the latest technical innovations in a way that preserves and shares their artistry. The visual assets including the letter shapes, the music clips, and the video were generated using Google AI generation research.
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These experiences not only offer users an opportunity to dive deeper into the world of art and culture, but also showcase the incredible potential of AI in reshaping how we engage with cultural content.

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