EY Bets Big on AI, Launches EY.ai Platform

EY Bets Big on AI, Launches EY.ai Platform

Professional services firm EY announced today the launch of EY.ai, a new platform to help organizations confidently adopt AI. This launch comes after the company invested $1.4 billion over the past 18 months to embed AI capabilities across its solutions and upskill its workforce.

EY.ai brings together an ecosystem of alliances with tech leaders like Microsoft, Dell, and IBM to provide clients with leading infrastructure, tools, and expertise required for AI success. It also equips EY professionals with AI skills training, and augments services like tax, assurance, and payroll with AI capabilities.

A key goal is responsible and ethical AI adoption. EY.ai will be guided by an AI Confidence Index that evaluates risk, governance, and data practices. It also includes a Maturity Model comparing client progress to industry benchmarks.

"AI's moment is now. Every business is considering integration into operations and future impact," said EY Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio. "Unlocking AI's transformative power requires more than tech. EY teams help clients capture value across the enterprise confidently and responsibly."

Central to EY's AI strategy is a focus on investing in human capital and skills training. EY recognizes that for organizations to truly capture value from AI, professionals must have the right capabilities to leverage these technologies responsibly. To that end, the company is providing its workforce access to exclusive resources like its own large language model EYQ to enhance knowledge.

This emphasis on upskilling workers is a smart long-term strategic move on EY's part. As more processes become automated with AI, workers will need to pivot their skills to higher-value analytical and judgment-based capabilities. Workers who understand how to deploy AI tools and translate algorithmic insights into business impacts will be more equipped to thrive alongside AI systems. Upskilled talent also gives EY a competitive edge in delivering cutting-edge AI services to clients. Making human capital a priority reflects EY's philosophy that AI success requires human and technology capabilities working together. It also positions EY to adapt its workforce for the future as AI proliferates across industries.

The company has made a strategic choice to bet on its people while also embracing the power of AI. By unifying human abilities with leading-edge AI in a responsible manner, EY aims to drive transformation and new value for clients on the frontier of an intelligent technology future. This approach will equip EY with the ideal mix of human talent and AI capabilities to make a real impact on its clients and society as intelligent technologies become mainstream. Thanks to its substantial investments in the future, EY is ready to evolve its services, empower its workforce and help usher organizations into an AI-driven world.

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