GitHub Brings Copilot Chat to Web and Mobile Platforms

GitHub Brings Copilot Chat to Web and Mobile Platforms
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GitHub today announced exciting expansions to its GitHub Copilot offering, integrating the AI-powered chatbot directly into and mobile applications. With these updates, GitHub aims to make Copilot ubiquitous throughout the software development process.

Launched in 2021, GitHub Copilot provides suggestions and assistance to developers as they write code. It leverages advanced AI techniques like natural language processing and deep learning to generate code solutions, summarize comments, provide debugging help, and more.

Now, GitHub is embedding this AI directly into, enabling developers to activate Copilot Chat while browsing code, pull requests, documentation, and other materials on the platform. Copilot can scan GitHub's vast repositories to understand the latest changes in popular open-source projects. It can then provide tailored suggestions and analysis specific to developers' needs.

GitHub is also making Copilot Chat available through its mobile apps for iOS and Android. This allows developers to get AI-powered support at any time, even when not at their desktop. Users can ask questions via voice or text about the code they're reviewing in the app and receive intelligent responses.

These integrations aim to make Copilot available throughout the software development lifecycle. They want it accessible across GitHub's suite of tools developers already rely on daily.

To further expand Copilot's capabilities, GitHub is also launching the Copilot Partner Program to connect the assistant to third-party services. Initial program partners include Datastax, LaunchDarkly, Postman, Hashicorp, and Datadog.

As more partners participate, Copilot will be able to pull relevant information from additional external sources. This can enhance its contextual recommendations and expand its functionalities.

The additions of Copilot Chat to GitHub's website and mobile platforms demonstrates the company's commitment to making AI readily available to augment developers' workflows. With Copilot's insights woven throughout GitHub's touchpoints, developers gain an AI-powered sidekick to boost their productivity.

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