Google Brings Gemini and New AI Capabilities to ChromeBooks

Google Brings Gemini and New AI Capabilities to ChromeBooks

Google is bringing its AI chatbot, Gemini, along with a host of AI-powered features to ChromeOS. The new AI features are exclusive to Chromebook Plus laptops, which have specific hardware requirements to ensure optimal performance. The company is also offering 12 months of its Google One AI Premium plan for free to new Chromebook Plus owners, which includes the more capable Gemini Advanced model.

Help Me Write

The first notable feature is 'Help Me Write', which works in any text box. Users can select text, right-click, and ask Google's AI to rewrite, rephrase, or change the tone of the selected text. This feature is also available for writing from scratch, where the AI can kickstart the writing process based on a few keywords.

Generative AI Wallpapers

Google is bringing the generative AI wallpaper system from Android to ChromeOS. Users can create custom wallpapers and video call backgrounds based on their preferences for subject, mood, and color.

Magic Editor in Google Photos

The Magic Editor feature from Google's Pixel 8 smartphones is now available on Chromebook Plus. It allows users to edit photos by removing unwanted objects, moving subjects, and filling in backgrounds.

Other AI Features

Google is also introducing a host of other AI-powered features to ChromeOS, including:

  • AI-powered video call controls to enhance call clarity, lighting, and background noise cancellation.
  • Improved tab organization with automatic tab groups based on open tabs.
    AI-powered writing assistance across websites, making it easier to draft and refine content.
  • AI-powered image generation for custom wallpapers and video call backgrounds.
  • An Overview screen that shows what you had open across browser windows, tabs, and apps, with suggestions for sharing content to other devices.

Google is also working on upcoming features like hands-free control, which utilizes Project Gameface to allow users to control their devices using face gestures and head movements. Another feature in development is "Help me read," which employs Gemini to summarize websites or PDFs and answer follow-up questions.

New Chromebooks

Several manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, and HP, are launching new Chromebooks this year, some of which are Chromebook Plus models that can take advantage of the new AI features. Visit the to see the newest models.

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