Google Cloud Rolls Out Duet AI Tools for Developers and Security Teams

Google Cloud Rolls Out Duet AI Tools for Developers and Security Teams
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Google Cloud has announced the general availability of two new offerings leveraging its Duet AI technology - Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations. Duet AI provides AI-powered assistants to boost productivity across applications.

Key Features of Duet AI for Developers:

  • AI-powered code completion, generation, and chat in multiple IDEs.
  • Streamlining of repetitive tasks with Smart Actions.
  • Accelerated troubleshooting with AI log summarization and error explanation.
  • Reduced context-switching with natural language chat for quick learning.
  • Support for enterprise privacy and security requirements.

With Duet AI for Developers, organizations like Turing have reported a significant boost in productivity. Additionally, a unique customization feature will soon allow developers to receive code suggestions based on their organization's private code and conventions.

Build, deploy, and operate a Node.js application with Duet AI for Developers

As the first major cloud provider to offer generative AI in a unified SecOps platform, Google Cloud's Duet AI in Security Operations empowers security teams to elevate their capabilities. Integrating leading security intelligence, this service enhances threat detection, investigation, and response.

Capabilities of Duet AI in Security Operations:

  • Custom query generation from natural language for rapid data search.
  • Automatic summarization of case data and alerts for efficient reviews.
  • Recommendations for next steps in incident remediation.

Early user feedback has shown a remarkable reduction in the time spent on security tasks, affirming Duet AI in Security Operations as a game-changer in SOC efficiency.

Duet AI for Developers Partner Ecosystem

More than 25 Code-assist and Knowledge-base partners will contribute to Duet AI for Developers, offering AI assistance based on their coding models, product documentation, and best practices. This collaboration enhances the technology-aware coding assistance and access to critical information for developers.

Duet AI services are built on Google Cloud's vertically-integrated technology stack, ensuring a unified product experience. A strong focus on responsible AI practices and strict data governance means users can trust the security and privacy of their data and intellectual property.

Customers can experience Duet AI for Developers at no cost until February 1, 2024. Additionally, Duet AI in Security Operations will be included in Google Cloud’s Security Operations packages, with a promotional trial period available for existing Chronicle customers.

The launch of Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations represents a pivotal moment in AI's role in software development and security operations. Google Cloud continues to push the boundaries, offering innovative solutions that boost productivity, enhance security capabilities, and foster a collaborative AI ecosystem for developers and security professionals alike.

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