Google Expands Duet AI Across Google Cloud

Google Expands Duet AI Across Google Cloud
Image Credit: Google Cloud

Google announced the expansion of its AI-powered assistant, Duet AI, across its cloud computing services, according to a company blog post. Duet AI aims to provide enhanced assistance and productivity for Google Cloud users spanning developers, IT operations professionals, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts.

Originally previewed at Google's I/O developer conference in May, Duet AI has been piloted by select customers over the past few months. It is now being rolled out more broadly, with general availability expected later this year.

Google touts Duet AI's ability to understand natural language prompts and quickly generate code, troubleshoot issues, analyze data, and provide other forms of expert guidance. The assistant was trained on Google Cloud documentation, code, and best practices specifically tailored for its cloud products.

For developers, Duet AI can help with application modernization, API design, code generation, and testing. It integrates into developer environments like Cloud Shell, Visual Studio Code, and JetBrains IDEs. Google demonstrated Duet AI converting a code function from C++ to Go and updating a database connection to use Cloud SQL with a simple natural language prompt.

The implications of Duet AI's new capabilities are significant. At Wayfair, for example, the use of Duet AI has been heralded for its potential to increase both developer productivity and job satisfaction. Mark Quigley, Director of Engineering Enablement at Wayfair, said they are excited to incorporate Duet AI in their workflow. "With Duet AI, we can increase developer productivity and joy at the same time."

In operations roles, Duet AI helps with deployment, monitoring, debugging, and performance optimization. It can analyze monitoring data and logs to rapidly troubleshoot issues. For data analysts, Duet AI assists with writing SQL and Python queries in BigQuery and Looker to access and visualize data.

Google emphasizes Duet AI's commitment to security, privacy, and responsible AI. It says the assistant was built using Google's AI principles and that customer data will not be used to train shared models. Duet AI also properly cites sources for its code suggestions.

The announcement signals Google Cloud's focus on infusing its products with AI to provide greater automation and productivity. This aligns with its vision of bringing a "new way to cloud" to its users. As AI capabilities continue advancing rapidly, expect even more AI integration across Google's cloud services.

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