Google Unveils New On-Device AI Capabilities for Pixel 8 Pro with Gemini Nano

Google Unveils New On-Device AI Capabilities for Pixel 8 Pro with Gemini Nano
Image Credit: Maginative

With the launch of Gemini, Google's most advanced AI model yet, the company has also unveiled a major advancement in on-device AI. The smallest variant, Gemini Nano, is now integrated into the latest Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, enabling new helpful features leveraging AI completely on the device.

Summarize Conversations On-the-Fly

The Pixel 8 Pro can now generate summaries of recorded conversations without needing an internet connection, thanks to Gemini Nano. The enhanced Recorder app produces concise overviews of meetings, interviews, talks, and more in seconds. This showcases Gemini Nano’s conversational intelligence and language understanding abilities.

Smarter Messaging with AI-Powered Replies

Gemini Nano also enables the Pixel 8 Pro to suggest contextually relevant responses when messaging in apps like WhatsApp. The Smart Reply functionality in Gboard keyboard aims to save users time crafting messages, while maintaining appropriate tone and terminology.

On-Device AI Critical for Privacy and Reliability

Running Gemini Nano directly on the Pixel 8 Pro keeps user data private, as sensitive information never leaves the device. The approach also allows features to work without an internet connection. Google designed its Tensor G3 chip specifically to handle intensive on-device AI.

Better Camera, Call Screening, Media Features Too

Beyond Gemini Nano, Google announced numerous other updates improving the Pixel experience. These include sharper video recording, better low-light photography, smoother video calls from Pixel devices, and more helpful Google Assistant interactions. The upgrades showcase Google’s investment in AI-enabled software and hardware that solve daily frustrations.

With built-in intelligence reaching new heights, the latest Pixel devices demonstrate Google’s commitment to weaving helpful AI directly into its consumer products. Gemini Nano in the Pixel 8 Pro marks a notable milestone in on-device smarts. As Google expands availability of its generative AI in the coming year, users can expect more personalized and proactive assistance.

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