Google's Genesis Tool Uses AI to Write News Articles

Google's Genesis Tool Uses AI to Write News Articles
Image Credit: Maginative

AI continues its foray into the newsroom, as major technology providers begin exploring applications for AI-enabled tools in journalism. According to a recent report by The New York Times, Google is secretly developing an AI tool called Genesis that is capable of auto-generating entire news stories

The company is said to have showcased Genesis to executives at The New York Times, The Washington Post, and News Corp, the parent company of The Wall Street Journal. The AI tool, still in its early stages, is designed to ingests content on current events for example, and transform it into written news articles.

In response to the report, Google spokesperson Jenn Crider told The Verge that the company is exploring options for AI-enabled tools that could aid journalists in their work. The idea is to offer tools that could propose headlines or writing styles, thereby potentially enhancing productivity. However, Crider emphasized that these tools are not designed to replace journalists, but to support them, echoing similar applications in Gmail and Google Docs.

This news comes as several other media organizations, including NPR and Insider, have informed their employees of plans to investigate the responsible use of AI in their newsrooms.

Google's key rival, OpenAI, is also aggressively targeting journalism applications for its popular GPT technology. Earlier this month, OpenAI announced a partnership with The Associated Press to explore AI use cases in newsrooms. As part of the deal, the AP will provide access to its archives while gaining insights from OpenAI's generative AI capabilities.

Additionally, the company is investing significantly in the American Journalism Project (AJP), pledging $5 million in funding and up to an equivalent amount in API credits. This initiative is designed to support AJP's efforts to revitalize local news across the United States.

The twin initiatives by two leading AI developers underscore how rapidly generative AI is transforming the media landscape. However, it also raises profound questions about the role of AI in news production, the potential impact on journalistic integrity, and the future of the profession. As AI continues to evolve, the answers to these questions will shape not only the news we read but also the society in which we live.

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