Hiber Integrates Google Cloud’s Generative AI for Text-to-3D World Creation

Hiber Integrates Google Cloud’s Generative AI for Text-to-3D World Creation

Swedish startup Hiber announced at Google Cloud Next '23 last week that they have collaborated with Google Cloud and AI firm Datatonic to bring the power of generative AI to their 3D world building platform, Hiber3D.

With over 5 million 3D worlds already created on their user-generated content hub HiberWorld, Hiber is looking to make 3D creation even more accessible. Their new natural language AI integration will allow users to turn text prompts into 3D environments and assets.

Hiber’s CEO, Michael Yngfors, underscored the significance by stating, "By uniting generative AI with our services, we're evolving our offering into a living creation platform." The move is expected to facilitate the 3D creation process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

The integration uses Google Cloud Run and Palm language models trained on Hiber's massive dataset of existing 3D worlds. Over time, the system will act as a creative "co-pilot", offering live suggestions to users as they build.

Beyond hobbyists, brands like Tommy Hilfiger are also tapping Hiber3D to build engaging virtual spaces. The fashion label's Tommy Parallel digital universe on HiberWorld lets users explore and collect virtual wearables.

The new natural language features will roll to Hiber3D users over the coming months. Interested users can sign up for early access.

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