Higgsfield AI Raises $8M to Bring Personalized AI to Social Media Video Creation

Higgsfield AI Raises $8M to Bring Personalized AI to Social Media Video Creation

Higgsfield AI, a new startup founded by former Snap generative AI head Alex Mashrabov, has raised $8M in seed funding to revolutionize personalized AI video creation. The company's first mobile app, Diffuse, allows users to create personalized content with just one selfie.

In the Diffuse app, users can generate a realistic human character that looks like them and insert it into various scenarios. The app also features a built-in Prompt Builder, which allows users to craft original content using text prompts, reference images, or videos, all powered by a preview version of Higgsfield AI's proprietary video model.

"Higgsfield AI is taking video creation one step further," said Alex Mashrabov, co-founder & CEO. "We're on a mission to make it possible for anyone and everyone to bring their ideas to life with video through easy-to-use, mobile-first tools that fit right into our daily lives."

Higgsfield AI is entering a market that already has many stand-out players like Stable Video, Runway, HeyGen, Haiper and Sora. The startup plans to stand out from competitors by focusing on a mobile-first, social-forward go-to-market strategy. By prioritizing iOS and Android apps instead of desktop workflows, the company enables creators to create compelling social media content anytime and anywhere.

"By building on mobile, we're able to prioritize ease of use and consumer-friendly features from day one," said Alex Mashrabov, co-founder & CEO of Higgsfield AI.

Interestingly, the company launched its Diffuse app in select markets, including India, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, and Central Asia, with plans for a gradual global rollout.

"Higgsfield AI is bringing video AI to the masses, by making it possible for virtually anyone to be a creator and easily produce engaging, personalized, and sharable videos," said Amy Wu, Partner at Menlo Ventures.

Higgsfield AI's target audience includes creators of all types, from regular users looking to create fun content with friends to social content creators and marketers aiming to make their brands stand out. The company sees social media marketing as a key niche, with plans to offer premium features and subscription-based services for marketers in the future.

Like other generative AI startups, Higgsfield AI faces challenges such as potential copyright infringement and digital cloning abuse. While Mashrabov did not reveal the source of Higgsfield's training data, he noted that Diffuse users can request their data be deleted at any time through the app. The company also employs a mix of automated and manual moderation to prevent abuse.

With its $8 million seed funding, Higgsfield AI plans to train its model to be even more controllable and realistic, and to build an improved video editor that allows users to modify characters and objects in videos.

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