How to Integrate Generative AI into Business Strategy

How to Integrate Generative AI into Business Strategy

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world as we know it. Every business leader wants to win with AI, but most aren’t sure where to start. To help demystify AI adoption, Maginative has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to create an essential new course - “Integrating Generative AI into Business Strategy.”

At Maginative, our mission is to dramatically increase AI literacy and empower organizations to adopt AI responsibly. We firmly believe that education and practical training are crucial for leaders to cut through the hype and leverage these powerful technologies strategically.

Knowledge drives informed, ethical decisions. By increasing collective AI literacy from the top down, we hope to do our part in steering technology towards progress, not peril.

For the next 30 days, you can enroll in this short but comprehensive online masterclass completely free of charge. Democratizing access to AI best practices ultimately allows more businesses, teams and individuals to participate in shaping how AI transforms industries.

Led by Maginative CEO Chris McKay, this course distills our hands-on experience helping top global brands develop pragmatic AI roadmaps. It introduces Maginative’s proven USAGE framework, a methodology to align AI initiatives with core business goals.

With clarifying examples and actionable frameworks tailored to business decision makers, this course builds fluency around AI adoption. McKay guides learners through key considerations at each phase:

U: Understand AI capabilities
S: Survey technical and talent requirements
A: Align initiatives to business value
G: Guide responsible scaling
E: Evaluate ROI

Whether you’re an executive seeking to boost innovation, a team leader looking to increase efficiency, or an enthusiast hoping to future-proof your skill set, this free course will provide immense practical value.

Additionally, Maginative offers customized AI training, advisory services and coaching for organizations ready to advance their AI strategy beyond this introductory course. Our experts provide:

  • Tailored keynotes, workshops and design sprints to upskill teams.
  • Personalized guidance on evaluating AI solutions, building ethical governance frameworks and more.
  • Expanded AI concept and jargon training catered to your firm's specific needs and ambitions.

We deliver a wide breadth of AI literacy development and change management solutions tuned to each client's unique context. Whether you require general awareness building or deep technical fluency, Maginative can help further unlock AI's potential in your organization through specialized advisory and hands-on learning services.

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