Humane's Ai Pin to Start Shipping in March 2024

Humane's Ai Pin to Start Shipping in March 2024
Image Credit: Humane

Humane has announced that its ambitious AI-powered wearable device known as the Ai Pin will be shipping in March 2024. The company is positioning the wearable as a more convenient and personalized alternative to carrying a smartphone.

While the Ai Pin hopes to herald a new chapter in wearable tech, it comes with a significant investment. Priced at $699, along with a mandatory $24 monthly subscription for cellular data and a phone number, it will be a premium offering in the market. While excitement for the product was high when it was intially teased, reception has become more tepid since launch. Whether consumers will have the appetite for it remains to be seen.

Humane says customers who placed priority pre-orders will be the first in line when shipments commence next spring. All other orders will be fulfilled based on customers' original purchase dates.

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