IBM and AWS Expand Generative AI Collaboration

IBM and AWS Expand Generative AI Collaboration

IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced an expansion of their strategic relationship to bring advanced generative AI solutions to more clients. The two technology giants plan to integrate IBM's capabilities deeper into the AWS cloud.

The companies will collaborate to infuse generative AI into existing solutions for contact centers, platform services, and supply chain operations. IBM Consulting aims to train 10,000 consultants on AWS generative AI services and techniques by late 2024 to better serve clients.

This builds on the multi-year alliance between IBM and AWS to simplify adoption of IBM’s data, AI, and security software on AWS. It signals a deepening relationship as enterprises seek help navigating the generative AI landscape.

Three specific solutions that IBM Consulting and AWS are initially focused on include:

  • Contact Center Modernization with Amazon Connect – A function built using generative AI that facilitates smooth transitions between chatbots and live agents. This capability offers agents summarized insights into voice and digital interactions, ensuring quicker resolutions and improved quality management.
  • Platform Services on AWS – A service introduced in late 2022, now incorporating generative AI to manage the cloud value chain including IT operations and platform engineering. By employing generative AI, clients benefit from enhanced business serviceability for AWS-based applications, ensuring rapid issue resolution.
  • Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS – An upcoming feature where a virtual assistant will aid supply chain professionals to meet customer expectations, manage inventories, reduce costs, streamline logistics, and assess potential supply chain risks.

Additionally, the IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator will integrate AWS generative AI services to facilitate cloud transformation for clients, assisting with reverse engineering and code generation.

IBM is further establishing itself in the AWS ecosystem by offering, a SaaS solution, on AWS. Plans include making and watsonx.governance available on AWS by 2024, underscoring the commitment to ease client access to IBM’s data, AI, and security software.

IBM Consulting’s applied AI expertise combined with AWS’s innovative generative services creates a powerful proposition for clients pursuing business transformation. Integrations like the IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator with AWS AI tools can accelerate cloud migrations.

Chris McKay is the founder and chief editor of Maginative. His thought leadership in AI literacy and strategic AI adoption has been recognized by top academic institutions, media, and global brands.

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