IBM Commits to Training 2 Million in AI to Address Skills Gap

IBM Commits to Training 2 Million in AI to Address Skills Gap
Image Credit: IBM

Today, IBM announced an ambitious commitment to train 2 million people in artificial intelligence skills over the next three years, with a focus on providing access to underrepresented communities.

The goal is to help close the global AI skills gap. By expanding partnerships with universities and collaborating with organizations worldwide, IBM aims to significantly expand its existing programs for AI education and career training.

To achieve the 2 million learner goal, IBM is taking several key steps:

  • Launching new free coursework on generative AI through its IBM SkillsBuild program. This includes topics like prompt engineering and getting started with machine learning.
  • Collaborating with university faculty globally to provide AI training and course materials. This will build capacity for AI education leveraging IBM's experts.
  • Partnering with organizations to deliver tailored AI training to adult learners. A key focus is reaching underrepresented groups.

IBM SkillsBuild already provides foundations in AI, but will now have a roadmap focused on the latest generative AI techniques. All courses result in IBM-branded credentials.

IBM's expanded commitment addresses the pressing need to train workers for AI-focused roles. A recent IBM study found 40% of executives believe implementing AI will require significant reskilling of staff over the next three years. The skills gap not only hampers the deployment of AI across various industries but also exacerbates social inequities, particularly in tech sectors where underrepresented communities face even greater challenges.

IBM seeks to provide pathways to new-collar jobs requiring technical skills but not always a traditional 4-year degree. Its focus on reaching underrepresented communities aims to help close demographic gaps in AI talent.

The current initiative is part of IBM's long-term goal to skill 30 million people by 2030. Given the rapid pace at which AI technologies are advancing, IBM's efforts provide a roadmap for how corporations can contribute to the global educational ecosystem. Through collaborations with academic institutions and NGOs, and by making free online learning accessible, IBM aims to develop a comprehensive worldview that includes pathways to employment, especially for underrepresented communities in tech.

At Maginative, we believe increasing AI literacy, especially in underrepresented communities, is essential for responsible and ethical AI development. Initiatives that make AI education inclusive and accessible globally are pivotal. With AI poised to transform every industry, developing an AI-ready workforce is crucial. By making education accessible worldwide, IBM is working to ensure the coming AI era empowers a broad range of people. We applaud efforts by organizations like IBM that recognize that upskilling society in AI is an investment in our shared future.

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