IBM to Make Meta's Llama 2 AI Model Available on Watsonx Platform

IBM to Make Meta's Llama 2 AI Model Available on Watsonx Platform
Image Credit: IBM

IBM announced plans to host Meta's new Llama 2 conversational AI model on its watsonx enterprise AI platform. This will give watsonx users access to Llama 2, a 70 billion parameter generative AI model fine-tuned by Meta for natural language tasks.

Selected clients and partners can now gain early access to this powerful chat model in the studio. This integration draws from IBM's rich history of collaboration with Meta, including engagements on open source projects like the PyTorch machine learning framework and the Presto query engine incorporated in already enables developers to leverage AI models from IBM and Hugging Face for natural language processing use cases like content generation and question answering. Integrating Llama 2 amplifies these capabilities, positioning Watsonx as a leader in enterprise-ready generative AI.

The integration of Llama 2 is just one aspect of IBM's ambitious generative AI roadmap. The tech leader has teased future developments like the introduction of its AI Tuning Studio, an influx of additional AI models to, and the rollout of FactSheets in watsonx.governance.

IBM emphasized its commitment to trustworthy AI by enabling "AI guardrails" in Watsonx to detect harmful content when running models like Llama 2. The company also leverages its deep consulting expertise to help clients customize models responsibly.

With over 21,000 data and AI consultants worldwide, including a 1,000+ person generative AI center of excellence, IBM is well-positioned to tailor models to clients' specific needs.

Both IBM and Meta champion open innovation in AI, engaging diverse communities to advance technologies through collaboration and feedback. By previewing Llama 2 access, IBM can gather insights to ensure maximum value when deploying it more widely.

With this integration, IBM reaffirms its strategy of providing leading third-party and proprietary models on its enterprise-ready watsonx platform. As AI advances, trusted commercial platforms like watsonx will be integral in translating innovations into business impact responsibly.

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