If by Claude AI

Modeled after Rudyard Kipling’s iconic work “If—”, the poem explores themes AI themes around prudent and inclusive governance, equitable access, and safety and ethical foresight.

If by Claude AI
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As 2023 comes to a close, debates continue to rage around the development and governance of AI. Sadly, public discourse is being heavily influenced by media coverage and voices that are overwhelmingly filled with pessimism, doomerism and cynicism.

Many say the challenges are too complex, incentives too misaligned, and the technology too powerful. However, let's end the year with a healthy dose of pragmatism (and dare I say optimism).

I believe there are many reasons to be hopeful—the past year alone has seen great strides in AI safety research and responsible development. And while many risks remain, a pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach can help realize the tremendous potential for AI to benefit humanity.

We can acknowledge the challenges and not become paralyzed by fear. True progress requires perseverance through difficult questions with open and creative minds. So as we wrap up 2023, I want to share a poetic interpretation of my perspective co-authored with Claude AI, and ChatGPT.

Modeled after Rudyard Kipling’s iconic work “If—”, the poem below explores themes like prudent and inclusive governance, equitable access, and compassion. I see it not as fanciful optimism disconnected from AI’s complex challenges, but rather a touchstone for the creative, prosocial possibilities if we resist division.

My hope is that it inspires reflection on the better futures available if we choose connection over polarization when navigating the age of intelligence as a species.


If we can guide the march of AI,
With foresight, care, and grace;
If we can shape its development through debate,
Not war or an AI arms race;
If we lead with openness and accessibility,
Dispelling doubt and fear;
If we can temper progress with safety
And lend each other a compassionate ear;

If industry, government, and science
Can align for the common good;
If people's welfare and empowerment
Steer the course as they should;
If AI literacy reaches every door,
Igniting every mind;
If discussions factor in views that differ
With patience and empathy combined;

If not just some enjoy the bounty
Of discovery and innovations new;
If all can thrive and broadly benefit
From what advanced AI can do;
If superintelligence gains our trust
Through actions—just, fair and true,
If the training data reflects, as it must,
The diverse voices of me and you;

If we can pursue altruism, but not be paralyzed by fear,
Or effectively accelerate and not lose our human touch,
If our values are things we continue to hold dear,
If we can be open to regulation, but not too much;
If we can see AI for what it is—an opportunity,
Recognizing that together, we all play a part;
Then we'll unlock a world of possibility,
Where AI is but a start!

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