Intel Unveils Intel Core Ultra, its Next-Generation Processor to Power the AI PC Era

Intel Unveils Intel Core Ultra, its Next-Generation Processor to Power the AI PC Era
An illustration shows the assembly process of the Intel Core Ultra processor. (Image Credit: Intel)

Today, at its "AI Everywhere " event, Intel unveiled its much-anticipated 12th Gen Intel Core processors, the Intel Core Ultra. This representing the company's largest architectural shift in four decades. The new chips usher in the age of what they are calling the AI PC, providing robust built-in AI acceleration, graphics, and computing power to enhance a wide range of PC experiences.

Available starting today in over 230 laptop and desktop designs from major manufacturers, Intel Core Ultra packs notable innovations. Headlining is Intel's first on-die AI accelerator, the Intel AI Boost technology. This neural processing unit (NPU) handles AI workloads efficiently, enabling a claimed 2.5x improvement in AI power efficiency over prior generations.

Supplementing the NPU are AI capabilities woven throughout the CPU and GPU. Together, this AI trilogy allows the diversion of workloads to the optimal processing engine. Software and hardware work in harmony - Intel is collaborating with over 100 independent software vendors to optimize over 300 AI applications for the Intel Core Ultra platform.

Graphics also see a boon - the integrated Intel Arc GPU delivers up to double the performance of predecessors. This allows richer immersive experiences, accelerating gaming, content creation workloads, video playback, and more.

For instance, content creators using applications like Adobe Premiere Pro can expect up to 40% better performance compared to competing platforms. This level of efficiency can significantly transform creative workflows, making processes faster and more intuitive.

The processor lineup itself encompasses advanced Performance cores (P-cores), Efficient cores (E-cores), and low-power Efficient cores (E-cores). With up to 16 total cores and speeds reaching 5.1GHz, Intel says the Intel Core Ultra offers up to 11% faster CPU performance than competing silicon.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP and GM of Intel’s Client Computing Group, emphasized the scale and speed of Intel’s AI infusion across the PC landscape. She projects over 80% of new PCs shipping by 2028 will be AI-capable models - an ambitious vision Intel is now working furiously to realize.

The innovation packed into the Intel Core Ultra certainly seems poised to push us into this AI-centric computing era. But only time will tell if Intel can maintain its pole position in the PC processor race against encroaching rivals. For now, the pieces are in place for the AI PC generation to commence with vigor.

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