Likewise Launches Pix, An AI-Powered Entertainment Recommendation Assistant

Likewise Launches Pix, An AI-Powered Entertainment Recommendation Assistant

Likewise, an early-stage startup backed by Bill Gates has announced the launch of Pix, an AI-powered personal assistant designed to help users discover new movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts tailored to their tastes.

Powered by Likewise's database of over 600 million consumer data points and machine learning algorithms, as well as natural language processing from OpenAI, Pix aims to solve the everyday challenge of sorting through endless entertainment options to find something new worth watching or listening to.

Pix is designed to integrate seamlessly into daily routines. Users can quickly access Pix through the Likewise app/website, or by texting (877)TEXTPIX (877-839-8749), or emailing (

After asking a question like "What comedies have come out recently?", Pix responds with personalized recommendations complete with descriptions, ratings, reviews, and streaming options.

The launch of Pix builds on Likewise's six years of experience analyzing viewing behavior and preferences to connect over 6 million registered users to entertainment content. With Pix, the company brings conversational AI into the mix, aiming to provide an easy way for anyone to get personalized picks anytime, anywhere.

Early reviews note Pix's unique ability to look across platforms and suggest titles available on each user's particular set of streaming subscriptions. While recommendation algorithms on Netflix and other platforms can suffer from echo chamber effects, Pix draws on Likewise's extensive data set to find unexpected picks that still align with someone's taste.

Pix arrives on the heels of ChatGPT mania, as tech giants race to stake their claim in generative AI. With backing from Bill Gates' private office, Likewise is betting that AI-powered assistants like Pix will soon become a daily fixture in people's lives. As Morris noted, "personal companions like Pix will soon make AI practical for each of us, every day."

While chatbots still face issues with accuracy and hallucinating false information, Pix focuses squarely on entertainment, an arena where mistakes may ruin a Friday night but not much else. With Pix readily available across platforms and mediums, Likewise is positioning the assistant to become entertainment lovers' AI companion of choice.

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