Microsoft Partners with Cognition Labs to Bring Devin to Developers

Microsoft Partners with Cognition Labs to Bring Devin to Developers

Microsoft has announced a new partnership with Cognition Labs to bring their autonomous AI software agent, Devin, to developers. Devin is designed to assist engineers with tedious tasks such as code migration and modernization projects, helping them save time and achieve more.

As part of the agreement, Devin will be powered by Microsoft Azure, ensuring high performance and scalability. This integration aligns with Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the developer experience through its existing tools like Visual Studio Code and GitHub.

Kevin Scott, Microsoft CTO, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "Devin is an absolutely amazing tool. If you can imagine for yourself some of the most tedious things that you do as an engineer or software developer, Devin is a tool designed to help you with those tasks."

Scott emphasized the challenges that engineers face when re-platforming applications, a necessary but often unenjoyable task. He believes that Devin's capabilities, combined with the power of Azure, will provide extraordinary support for developers.

Cognition Labs, an applied AI lab focused on building end-to-end software agents, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. They aim to bring Devin to every developer, leveraging Microsoft's extensive customer base and the scalability of Azure.

The partnership comes on the heels of Cognition Labs' recent $175 million funding round led by Founders Fund, which valued the six-month-old company at $2 billion. This funding followed a $21 million Series A round just a month prior.

Cognition AI Raises $175M at $2B Valuation, One Month After Series A
Cognition AI’s rapid ascent in valuation is not an isolated case. The company joins a growing list of AI startups attracting massive investments despite generating little to no revenue.

As the partnership unfolds, developers can expect to see Devin integrated into their workflow, initially focusing on code migrations and modernization tasks. This partnership only adds to Microsoft's already dominant presence in the developer ecosystem that its AI products across GitHub Copilot.

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