Microsoft Retires GPT Builder, Shifts Focus to Commercial and Enterprise Offerings

Microsoft Retires GPT Builder, Shifts Focus to Commercial and Enterprise Offerings

Microsoft has announced that it will be retiring its GPT Builder tool for Copilot Pro consumers, just three months after broadly rolling out the service. The company will remove the ability to create new GPTs starting July 10, 2024 and will delete all existing GPTs, including associated data, from July 10-14.

GPT Builder, launched in March, allowed Copilot Pro subscribers to create and customize their own task-specific AI models. Users could configure capabilities like web browsing and image generation, and share their creations without worrying about others modifying them.

A Copilot GPT is a custom version of Copilot that can be used for specific purposes, such as for specialized knowledge, implementing specific processes, or simply to save time by reusing a set of AI prompts. For example, a grocery shopping Copilot GPT can be used to create a grocery list based on a meal plan that you send to the Copilot GPT. 

However, in an email to subscribers and a support page update, Microsoft revealed it is re-evaluating its consumer Copilot strategy. The company stated it will prioritize "core product experiences" while remaining committed to developer opportunities. This shift suggests Microsoft sees more potential in enterprise and commercial applications of the technology.

For current GPT Builder users, Microsoft is offering a small concession - the ability to save custom instructions for reference before deletion. Copilot Pro's other features, such as priority access to advanced AI models and integration with Microsoft 365 apps, will remain unchanged.

It's unclear if low adoption or other factors prompted Microsoft's decision. It'll be interesting to watch how OpenAI's analogous GPTs fares over time. Either way, Microsoft's pivot to focusing on commercial and enterprise solutions was a strategic decision that reflects the company's assessment of where the most value and demand lies.

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