Microsoft Unveils Bing Chat Enterprise, Bringing Secure, AI-Powered Chat to the Workplace

Microsoft Unveils Bing Chat Enterprise, Bringing Secure, AI-Powered Chat to the Workplace
Image credit: Microsoft

At Microsoft Inspire today, Microsoft announced the launch of Bing Chat Enterprise, a version of its conversational AI tool designed specifically for enterprise use. With many companies hesitant to adopt ChatGPT and Bing Chat over data privacy concerns, Bing Chat Enterprise aims to alleviate those worries and bring the power of AI chat to the workplace.

Bing Chat Enterprise comes with commercial data protection baked in to keep sensitive business information private. Microsoft states that user prompts and chat data are not saved or used to train the AI models. Essentially, what goes into Bing Chat Enterprise stays in Bing Chat Enterprise.

This allows employees to harness the creativity and productivity benefits of AI chat without inadvertently exposing confidential data. A recent Work Trend Index Report shows that 70% of workers want to offload as much work to AI as possible. Bing Chat Enterprise finally makes this possible in a business setting.

The new product provides complete, verifiable answers with citations and visualizations like charts and graphs. It also adheres to Microsoft's responsible AI principles.

Bing Chat Enterprise is available starting today in preview for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard and Business Premium customers. It can be accessed through and the Microsoft Edge sidebar, and eventually Windows Copilot at no extra cost. Microsoft plans to offer it as a $5 per user per month standalone product in the future.

Some features from Bing Chat like chat history, plugin support, Bing Image Creator and Visual Search are not yet supported in the enterprise version. The goal is eventually full feature parity between both products.

With AI adoption accelerating across industries, Microsoft is leveraging its strengths in the workplace productivity market to get ahead of rivals like Google in providing trusted AI services to businesses. As chatbots become ubiquitous in the workplace, Microsoft is betting that Bing Chat Enterprise's focus on security and compliance will give it an edge over consumer-first solutions.

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