Microsoft Unveils New Copilot Features and Shows Off Upcoming Superbowl Ad

Microsoft Unveils New Copilot Features and Shows Off Upcoming Superbowl Ad

If it wasn't yet apparent that Microsoft is going all in on AI, loook no further than its flashy new Super Bowl ad for its AI assistant, Copilot. In advance of Sunday's game, the company revealed its 30-second multimillion dollar spot today.

The ad showcases moments where Copilot empowers individuals to achieve feats previously deemed unattainable. From transforming a fledgling idea into a comprehensive business plan to bringing a fantasy football team to life with a unique mascot image, Copilot is positioned as a catalyst for creativity and productivity.

With the Super Bowl ad raising awareness, Microsoft is hoping more users will try Copilot's enhanced capabilities. To complement this, the company is also rolling out an update to the Copilot experience for the web and mobile. This update introduces a more streamlined interface, designed to facilitate idea realization and enhance understanding of the world around us. A cleaner look, a carousel of suggested prompts, and improved image creation capabilities are among the highlights of this update.

One of the standout features is the introduction of Designer in Copilot, which allows users to customize generated images with inline editing. This feature caters to a wide range of creative needs, from enhancing colors to applying various effects like pixel art, thereby expanding the scope of visual creativity. Additionally, Copilot Pro subscribers can now resize and regenerate images without leaving the chat, offering greater flexibility in content creation.

The updated Copilot experience now runs on a new fine-tuned version of GPT-4 called Deucalion. As the name implies, the model is the successor to Prometheus which combines the real-time and comprehensive Bing index, ranking, and answers results with the creative reasoning capabilities of OpenAI’s most-advanced GPT model. Jordi Ribas, Microsoft's CVP and Head of Engineering and Product for Copilot explained that model makes Copilot richer and faster.

The new Copilot UI showing the balanced mode answer for "Tell me the top moments from the Grammys 2024"

The upgrades build on strong adoption numbers so far. Copilot has fielded over 5 billion chats and created 5 billion images in its first year according to Microsoft.

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