Move AI Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding to Make 3D Animation More Accessible

Move AI Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding to Make 3D Animation More Accessible
Image Credit: Move AI

London-based startup Move AI announced it has raised $10 million in seed funding to advance its markerless motion capture technology, which aims to make high-quality 3D animation more accessible.

The round was led by Play Ventures and included participation from Warner Music Group, RKKVC, Level2 Ventures, and Animoca Brands. This influx of capital will help Move AI enhance its products to digitize human motion and solidify its position as a leader in accessible motion capture.

Move AI’s technology uses AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics to convert standard 2D video into 3D motion data. This removes the need for manual keyframe animation or expensive motion capture systems that rely on suits and cameras.

Move One app

The funding will allow Move AI to accelerate development of its AI-powered 3D animation products. It also plans to use the capital to hire more engineers, researchers, marketers and salespeople.

The company's recently released Move One app currently in invite-only beta has been gaining popularity among creators on social media. Move One enables iPhone users to capture motion data suitable for animation projects. This single-camera solution exemplifies Move AI's goal of democratizing high-end motion capture.

Kenrick Drijkoningen, general partner at Play Ventures, said Move AI's technology will reduce costs and timelines for gaming and entertainment companies. He believes it will enable new use cases like user-generated 3D content.

The entertainment industry, particularly gaming and film, stand to be radically transformed by technologies like Move AI's. The ability to capture realistic human motion and translate it into 3D animations, without the need for expensive equipment or specialized studios, levels the playing field. Independent creators, small studios, and even enthusiasts can now produce high-quality animations, potentially leading to a surge in diverse content. Moreover, the reduction in costs and development timelines can lead to faster production cycles, enabling companies to respond more agilely to market demands. As the boundaries between reality and the digital realm blur, audiences can anticipate a richer, more immersive entertainment experience.

With this injection of capital, Move AI is poised to fulfill its mission of making digital animation more accessible. Its motion capture advancements could soon enable creators of all skill levels to bring their visions to life.

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