NVIDIA Bring its AI Supercomputing to Oracle Cloud Marketplace

NVIDIA Bring its AI Supercomputing to Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Image Credit: NVIDIA

NVIDIA has announced a new partnership with Oracle that will give Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) customers access to NVIDIA's leading AI computing platforms and software, enabling enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy artificial intelligence.

In an industry first, Oracle Cloud Marketplace now offers NVIDIA's DGX Cloud AI supercomputing platform and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. This provides OCI users with a streamlined way to leverage NVIDIA's technology through their existing Oracle cloud credits and billing.

DGX Cloud provides on-demand access to AI supercomputing in the cloud, making it faster and easier for organizations to train advanced AI models like large language models. Each DGX Cloud instance packs the power of eight NVIDIA GPUs optimized for AI workloads.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes software like the NeMo AI frameworks and RAPIDS for accelerating data science workflows. With integrated support, security, and stability features, it allows businesses to efficiently transition AI projects from pilot to full production deployment.

The addition aims to remove friction for Oracle customers looking to reap the benefits of AI across industries from healthcare to telecommunications. Providing accelerated computing and optimized software through Oracle Cloud Marketplace allows enterprises to incorporate NVIDIA technology into their development pipelines in just a few clicks.

Early adopters include the University at Albany, which is leveraging DGX Cloud on OCI to infuse AI across research and academics. NVIDIA's technology will support Albany's work on healthcare, cybersecurity, and other pressing topics.

With this partnership, Oracle becomes the first public cloud to offer NVIDIA's end-to-end AI platform directly through its marketplace. This interoperability will ultimately make hybrid-cloud strategies more feasible and economical.

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