NVIDIA H100 GPUs Now Accessible via DigitalOcean's Paperspace

NVIDIA H100 GPUs Now Accessible via DigitalOcean's Paperspace

The promise of AI has been an elusive goal for many small and medium businesses due to high costs and complexity barriers when adopting enterprise-grade infrastructure. To address this, DigitalOcean has announced the availability of NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs into its Paperspace platform.

DigitalOcean has long catered to the needs of lean startups and scale-ups by providing developer-friendly cloud infrastructure at affordable pricing. Now, the company is betting on providing easy on-demand usage access to cutting-edge AI infrastructure.

Paperspace provides cloud GPUs & hosting for AI development, training and deployment

The integration of the NVIDIA H100 GPUs into the Paperspace platform brings a substantial boost in processing capabilities, greatly reducing the time required for training AI models and responding to data queries. This means startups can now engage in ambitious AI projects, previously deemed impractical due to resource constraints.

One standout feature of this DigitalOcean's offering is the flexibility. Businesses can access NVIDIA H100 GPUs backed by 3.2TBps interconnect speeds as individual units or in clusters—a versatility that caters to a range of needs from multi-node model training to intricate inferencing services.

Naeem Ahmed, Founder at Moonvalley, shared their experience of training a next-generation text-to-video model using NVIDIA H100 GPUs on Paperspace. The process, which only took three days, is a testament to the efficacy and speed offered by this new setup. Ahmed also commended Paperspace’s stability and customer support, underscoring the platform's role in keeping businesses ahead in the AI race.

Striking the optimal balance between performance and cost has been a long-standing hallmark of DigitalOcean's proposition. Now Paperspace applies the same principles for businesses tapping into these ultra-advanced H100 GPUs. Clients pay only for usage rather than upfront hardware costs, with the flexibility to access H100 resources on-demand or reserved them for specific term limit, depending on their business workloads.

As Kanishka Roychoudhury, GM of AI/ML at DigitalOcean explained, "While many vendors are optimizing their offerings to serve large enterprises, DigitalOcean is proud to offer startups and growing digital businesses reliable and flexible access to NVIDIA H100 GPUs." By continuing to focus squarely on the needs of smaller businesses through products like Paperspace, DigitalOcean aims to fuel broader AI adoption and innovations originating from the startup trenches.

Interested businesses can now apply for access to NVIDIA H100 GPUs on the Paperspace website.

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