OpenAI Adds Ratings and Richer Profiles to GPT Store

OpenAI Adds Ratings and Richer Profiles to GPT Store

OpenAI has announced two meaningful updates for its GPT Store marketplace that bring more transparency and discoverability for GPTs. Users can now rate custom GPTs and provide private feedback directly to the builders, while expanded profile pages offer more insight into a chatbot's creation and usage.

The first change institutes a 1-5 star rating system displayed below each listed GPT, allowing users to easily vote on the quality of their experience. Clickable feedback also facilitates private communication so those testing novel Generative Pretrained Transformer bots can directly notify developers of issues or suggestions without public exposure. Builder emails remain optional to maintain privacy.

Additionally, profile pages now spotlight enhanced creator details like social media handles, overall average ratings, total reviews, usage metrics, and other connected GPTs. The upgrades lend relevant signal for users assessing community-built AI companions in the directory, complementing OpenAI's original aim to spur participation through API access and revenue sharing.

While the ability to offer paid GPTs is not yet available, the nod to transparency and two-way communication shows OpenAI's continued investment in a participatory marketplace where outside developers can experiment on top of its foundation models.

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